Executive Board May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

May 8, 2020 a virtual meeting using Zoom.

Present: Steve Miller, Wayne Morris, Tim Fellencer, Charles (Chuck) Higgins, John Gileza, and guest Oneida Scofield. Absent was Nicola (Nicki) Biesel who is dealing with family health issues and Lisa Benson.

The meeting began at 3 PM.

Steve moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. 2nd by Tim. Motion carried without discussion.


President - Chuck reported that Lisa Benson had resigned from the board. Chuck then introduced Oneida Scofield to the board and then with the board’s affirmation, appointed Oneida to replace Lisa Benson.

Chuck reported that the IRS had granted Citrus Pride tax-exempt status retroactive to February 14, 2020. Chuck also reported on a call he had been on with Equality Florida. Equality Florida can be used as a resource for better fundraising, sponsorship opportunities and to find other supportive organizations across the state. Chuck also reported on some court cases that were coming that were of interest to the LGBTQ community.

Committee reports:


There was discussion on the virtual happy hour. Although the attendance was small, it was felt that we should continue to schedule these every 2 weeks. The next virtual happy hour is scheduled for Friday May 15.


There was discussion as to when to invite others to attend the board meetings. The decision was reached to open our board meetings at the June or possibly the July meeting, depending on when the membership area on the website becomes operational.


No report

Treasurer- Steve reported that now that we had tax-exempt status, he could begin to open the bank account. He will contact Drummond Community bank for an appointment.

As soon as the accounts are set up, the website will be updated for membership and donations.


At the next meeting, we will pick a tentative date for Pride 2021.

The 40 free minutes Zoom allows were up so the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Wayne Morris

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