Executive Board June 2020 Meeting Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

June 12, 2020. A virtual meeting using Zoom.

Present: Steve Miller, Wayne Morris, Tim Fellencer, Charles (Chuck) Higgins, John Gileza, and Oneida Scofield.

The meeting began just after 3 PM.

Tim moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. 2nd by Steve. Motion carried without discussion.


President - Chuck reported that using a Facebook boost, 1326 people were reached through Facebook. We doubled the number of people who “Like” the Faceboook page and we doubled number of people who subscribe to Citrus Pride emails. We have added 2 new members, one from the Facebook boost.

The citruspride.org website has been modified to add a place where LGBTQ owned business or supportive businesses can be listed. Businesses interested in being listed will be asked to become members at the same dues level as individuals.

Committee reports:


The next virtual happy hour is to be determined.

Pride received facemasks from Citrus county health department. The distribution event at Unity Church was poorly attended, but a few packages were given out. Steve will locate a few locations where we can repeat the distribution. When Steve locates a willing site. Chuck will advertise it. This time, instead of saying we would be there until they were gone, we will set a beginning and end time. Left over masks will be available at the next location.


Chuck reported that people who expressed an interest in attending today’s Zoom meeting were getting an email with a bad link. Chuck will research fixing this.


Treasurer- Steve reported that we have a checking account, but he is still unable to access the account through the bank website. He will contact Drummond Community bank (again) for assistance. Chuck reported that he has received notifications that online donations and dues were being deposited to the account.

New Business

Oneida reported that she had been working with a homeless individual and arranged safe housing for her at the Mission of Citrus. We also discussed finding local (or nearby) LGBTQ youth supporting organizations. Tim, Steve and Wayne will research what is available in the hopes that we can duplicate some of their ideas.

There was some discussion about Crew, the Bar and reports about how Lisa had been treated. We discussed how individuals (not our group) could support Crew as we feel the need.

The 40 free minutes Zoom allows were up, and we were disconnected.

Respectfully Submitted

Wayne Morris

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