Executive Board July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

July 10, 2020. A virtual meeting using Zoom.

Present: Steve Miller, Wayne Morris, Tim Fellencer, Charles (Chuck) Higgins, Rebecca Byrd, and Oneida Scofield.

The meeting began just after 3 PM.

Steve moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. 2nd by Oneida. Motion carried without discussion.


President - Chuck reported on an Equality Florida phone meeting that he attended. Chuck asked Equality Florida make more help and resources available in rural areas like Citrus County.

Committee reports:


The next virtual happy hour is Friday July 17 at 6 PM. To receive a link to the Zoom meeting room, register on the Events tab at http://www.citruspride.org .

Pride planning for June 26, 2021 will be starting soon, probably by Zoom. Steve, Tim and Rebecca will be advertising regular meetings through the Facebook page.

We received a proposal from an acting troupe who would like to offer, in play form, the story of Matthew Shepherd. The play could be shown during Pride or on another date as part of the weekend.

Facemask distribution will begin again. Steve will locate a few locations where we can repeat the distribution and Chuck will advertise the locations.

Membership and Fundraising

Treasurer- Steve reported that he has finally been able to access the checking account. Our current balance is$ 316.18. Dues from 7 members have been received. Board member Nicky is making recurring donations to Pride. New member, Rebecca introduced herself and gave a sort bio.


Oneida reported that the homeless person she had been working with has chosen to go back to her family.

Youth Resources Tim reported on Teen Court and Jessie’s Place. Rebecca brought up the explorer program. School resources might be available. Tim and Steve are still looking into other ideas.

PFLAG many chapters are closing or becoming inactive.

New Business

The 40 free minutes Zoom allows were up, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Wayne Morris

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