Executive Board February 2021 Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

February 12, 2021. A virtual meeting using Zoom.

Present: Steve Miller, Charles (Chuck) Higgins, Oneida Scofield, John Gileza, Cyndia Ramirez and Rebecca Jurges.

The meeting began just after 3 PM.

Steve moved to accept the minutes of the January meeting. 2nd by Oneida. Motion carried without discussion.


President -Chuck reported to the group about the two-week fundraising campaign. We spent $35 on Facebook ads and brought in a total of $430, added 7 new members, had 3 vendors sign up for Pride and added to our Facebook following as well as our email list. We reached a total of 1,823 people on Facebook and a handful on Instagram. We had 65 visitors to the website, 54 of which were new.

Treasurer Report. Steve reported that the balance is $2,065.77

Chuck reminded the group that we plan to make a final decision about the date for Pride at the March meeting. Chuck presented the group with a quick analysis of where we might be at with the pandemic by June and said he will give the group an update at the March meeting to help with the decision about dates. The board discussed the issue and the potential to use the week following National Coming Out Day in October as a backup date.

Emergency Fund Policy Discussion – Chuck presented the draft Emergency Fund Policy to the board and explained the purpose / rationale. After discussion, the board agreed to add a simple intake form to the policy, intended to capture a description of the need, situation, etc. of anyone that reaches out to us for assistance. Oneida agreed to draft a form.

John moved to approve the Emergency Assistance Fund Policy as written, with the addition of the intake form. Seconded by Oneida. Motion carried.

New Business

Oneida reminded the group that post pandemic, we want to engage in some of the local festivals with a booth or table to provide for visibility.

Meeting adjourned at just past 4pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Chuck Higgins for Wayne Morris

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