Executive Board August 2020 Meeting Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

August 10, 2020. A virtual meeting using Zoom.

Present: Steve Miller, Wayne Morris, Tim Fellencer, Charles (Chuck) Higgins, Rebecca Byrd, and Oneida Scofield, John Nathan Sharp and Daniella Buck.

The meeting began just after 6 PM.

John moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. 2nd by Oneida. Motion carried without discussion.


President - Chuck introduced Nathan to the group. Nathan was raised in Citrus county and recently moved back to the area.

Planning for Citrus Pride 2021

The pride planning group consists of Rebecca, Steve and is chaired by Tim.

The group will confirm that Crystal River Mall is still willing to host Pride 2021.

Christy Hand is unable to help because of Covid-19.

We need to begin securing sponsors. Tim would like to get the sponsors to do more than just meet the costs so that we can grow each year. Steve will draft a letter asking corporations to become sponsors. In the current time, a follow up call is recommended instead of an in person visit. Rebecca suggested that we contact national offices rather than branch offices. Rebecca will find/create a template to begin our corporate list.

Chuck will plan to advertise with Facebook again looking for volunteers. Hopefully, we will find someone willing to coordinate the volunteers. Tim and Steve will come up with a list of things volunteers may help with. Nathan suggested that Instagram is better suited to reach the 18-45 year old audience. The same advertisement can run on both locations.

Chuck will create a place where volunteers can sign up and add it to http://www.citruspride.org .

New Business

The 40 free minutes Zoom allows were up, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Wayne Morris

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