Executive Board October 2020 Meeting Minutes

Citrus LGBTQ Pride Inc.

October 9, 2020 A Virtual Meeting Using Zoom

Present: Chuck Higgins, John Gileza, Oneida Scofield, Wayne Morris and Steve Miller


President – Chuck reported that the October, LGBTQ History Month Facebook campaign was well received and helped drive people to the website as well.

The group discussed Facebook page security settings. Chuck reported that to date we have not had any problems and asked everyone to keep an eye on the page. If negativity becomes an issue, Chuck will adjust security settings.

Chuck updated the board on website traffic statistics.

Chuck reported to the board about attending the Equality Florida statewide call but most of the conversation, due to timing, was about the election.

Treasurer – Steve reported that the account balance was $635

Membership – Oneida informed the board that there are currently 14 paid members.

Pride Event – The group discussed Pride planning and agreed that due to the pandemic, it is difficult to do any real planning until late winter or early spring. Not ideal but with the situation in flux we have to be flexible.

LGBTQ Youth and Parenting Outreach – Chuck reported out about his positive discussions with Equality Florida and Hernando Pride. Using contacts provided by Equality Florida, Chuck has started to network with a few neighboring organizations. Chuck informed the board that he has used this information to begin improving the resources section of the website and showed the board the website page. Chuck asked the group to let him know if they come across additional resources that should be listed and linked. The group discussed adding LGBTQ friendly churches to the resources.

The meeting was adjourned at 4pm.

Submitted by Chuck Higgins (notes taken from Zoom recording)

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