Citrus County LGBTQ Nonprofit Forms!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Citrus Pride! is now officially incorporated with the State of Florida.

On February 14th, 2020, Citrus Pride was incorporated and the inaugural Executive Board held an organizational meeting on March 14th. Bylaws were adopted and officers elected.

President - Chuck Higgins

Vice President - Tim Fellencer

Secretary - Wayne Morris

Treasurer - Steve Miller

Board Member - Nicola Beisel

Board Member - John Gileza

Board Member - Oneida Ward Schofield

The purpose of Citrus Pride is to build, support and promote an LGBTQ community in Citrus County through education, community outreach and visibility.

Citrus Pride is set up as a member based, executive board managed nonprofit. The board plans to meet every month on the second Friday of the month at 3pm. Currently because of the pandemic, meetings are virtual using Zoom to video conference. Anyone is welcome to attend! Send an email to and let us know you would like to be notified about the meetings. We'll send you a link. Eventually when the outbreak calms down we'll establish a physical location for the monthly meetings.

Membership is $10 and not only supports our work but allows you to vote at the annual members meeting in January. However, anyone is welcome to participate in Citrus Pride committees, which is where the real work of the organization will take place. If you're interested in helping out on one of the committees please send us an email with you contact information and which committee you're interested in. We'll have the committee chair contact you.

- Events, Chair is Tim Fellencer

- Education, Chair is Nicola Beisel

- Fundraising, Chair is Lisa Benson and

- Membership, Chair is TBA

The Citrus Pride nonprofit will be taking over the planning of the annual pride event which up till now has been organized by the the Democratic Equality Caucus of Citrus County. Because of the outbreak, the next Citrus Pride! is planned for June of 2021.

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